Thursday, November 15, 2007

*introducing* Sophie


She loves Paris in the springtime. You can’t beat a romance that takes place in a city so beautiful, oui? (Especially when the romance is with the city itself!) She went for a semester abroad and decided to make it her permanent residence. After all, how could she ever give up window shopping on the Champs-Élysées, Sunday walks to the Montemarte, and her daily dose of Madeleines at the neighborhood Boulangerie? Remember to tell her merci if you take her advice and pack the most feminine and flattering dress you own. {you know the one…}

click here for more details.

Be sure to visit here and meet Brooke, Zoe, and Noelle, too. There are lots more coming!


Clairissa said...

Does your creativity have no bounds? You are amazing!

andrea said...

i am sorry i am such an idiot.
honestly. i just spent five minutes trying to figure out who the heck sophie is. it wasn't until i clicked on the brooke link that i got it. IT'S THE KIT!
do you make that paper? and do you name it because you're lonely or because it's catchy?

Kara said...

These are so fun. I always get such a clear picutre in my head of the person everytime I read them!

brittany said...

yes, for all you non-scrapbooking types, sophie is a kit. I have a LOT of materials in my barn, so I decided to start making kits for the do-it-yourselfers and those who like kits and whatever and stuff. I name them because when I am putting together a kit it takes on a personality, so it makes it more fun. I should make a lonely girl...what's a lonely sounding name?

Clairissa said...

Yes! I did make the bread. I halved the recipe and came up with 3 loaves. It was nummy nummy nummy! We gave loaves to the missionaries and to another friend, who both said they got bread comas from eating so much b/c it was so good. haha. thx for the recipe! :)