Wednesday, November 14, 2007

wordless wednesday


go wordless here


Georgia said...

When I opened this up and saw that photo, I gasped. That is so beyond beautiful! I wish we got colours like that here in Arizona!

Anonymous said...

So beautimus. You know, I was thinking of you guys today. I was thinking of why I never write poetry like I used to when I was younger and then I remembered. I had a boyfriend in college that I either read or recited some of my spectacular poetry to and his response was somewhat like this, "your poetry isn't very good." Except I can't remember the exact words. But that was the jist of it. Well, you know how neurotic I get with criticism and yeah, I really haven't written any since.

Anywhooo, I'm back to writing just don't let your husband read any of it.

Sound good? yeah.


~home bodies~ said...

hi brittany- you have the best blog. everything about it is beautiful. i was exploring it tonight and found ann's blog and it was fun to get a glimpse into her world. anyway, i noticed that all three of us have a child named isaac. weird, huh? -matthew

brittany said...

matthew, you're the best. Thank you. I miss you; it would be fun if our families lived close. It is wierd about the isaacs. it's a great name and we all have really good taste;)