Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Scribblings {Left & Right}

Abby in Pink

Dear Left Brained Friend,

I wanted you to know that I appreciate you. You keep things going. Without you, things in this world would be much different. The only problem is, that you are so very organized and at the ready that you have been put in charge of the way things are run…like every time. So, I have to live in a left brained world. For most part, I have adjusted to your rules and regulations without complaint. I can see the usefulness and order. How can that be bad, I muse?

So I am writing to make a request of you. Please try to be more understanding of your right brained friends. We have many wonderful contributions, and if I were more like you, I would have a long and complete list of them right now to give you a thorough glimpse of our significant additions to society and every-day life. But I may just give you this list as an assignment since it would likely give you pleasure—perhaps if you alphabetize it, or color code it, or make a chart that categorizes the many improvements made to society by those of us who are right brained. I only suggest this at the thought that it would help you next time you’re expecting one of your right brained friends to be fully prepared, or to plan ahead, or to make a commitment. I realize that it gets on your nerves a bit that we have not adapted more absolutely to your way of living, but it does go two ways. I am merely here to gently persuade you to give back to your loyal friends: maybe to show us a little love you could do something spontaneous, or hold your tongue when you witness our messy desks. {Note: I’m not asking you to make a mess, which would be going to far, just merely to understand that our mess was not made to intentionally bother you.}

Thank you for your understanding,

Your Right Brained Friend


Kara said...

ha ha. This was good. As a left brained friend I think that this shouldn't be a problem...and I think I'll take you up on that assignment - FUN! :0)

tumblewords said...

Cute letter. And the picture is adorable...I checked to see if the shoes were on the right feet!

Paige said...

Is this written to Brooke and her ziplocks? I love all your beautiful arty posts.

tickledpink.nicole said...

Writing a letter was a great right brained assignment! Hope your left brain enjoyed the fun!

Oh, and I love the sweet photo too!