Monday, November 19, 2007

whatever and, know...stuff


I have pretty much been fulfilling my end of the bargain, and posting every day (although I did cheat and change the date on that last little one), but I haven’t been really saying much. The truth is I really want to vent. I want to spill it all. It’s not completely mine to share, but there are pieces of it that ARE completely mine. There are things that affect me and me alone. There are things that are so confusing that it would certainly help if I could dissect it a little. Maybe if I could let it out, maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much. But then again, I get it. I understand how telling too much leaves it open for judgment from those who have no business judging, yet do it anyway. It leaves it open for the scarlet letter syndrome, and who wants a scarlet letter? I wouldn’t. So I will try to move past it.


So, I just wanted to say thanks, Brooke for the cute/embarrassing birthday quiz. You’re such a great sister—I’m glad you’re mine. Looking at all those pictures made me all sentimental about you. (Although some of them just made me feel butt ugly) Love you:)

My bud Shelby started a blog and I’m going out her right here, right now. click here!

An update on the devil in pink: I have been being coached by a couple peeps about parenting with love and logic. I should probably just go take the class, but the things I’ve been trying have been helping. She still is THREE and she still is a little under the weather, but we’ve been doing better at “using our friendly voice” and I’ve been more patient and loving with her. Sometimes when she’s freakin’ I use the “poor baby, bless your heart” phrase I learned from all you oscarsons and my own grandma and then I say, “you must need a hug” and she comes over and she gets some good long lovin’ from me and then all is well. {For a few minutes.}

Okay. G’nite.


Paige said...

Brit, I was so hoping for you to spill it! Your birthday quiz was fantastic, I loved the pics of you and brooke with your horde of babies the best.

Georgia said...

I need coaching on the parenting with love and logic thing.... ugh.

Also, I say VENT away! I just did it... I did not plan to vent, but somehow that is exactly what happened... I have no idea where it came from either.

Anyhoooo, I hope your b-day was great! I hope that the thing that is bothering you and causing the feelings of needing to vent gets better.


calibosmom said...

You know what I do when I need to vent...clean or run. You are good at both so run free baby!!!

andrea said...

happy belated, little mama.
i hear you on venting. i moderate my comments just in case i slip and vent one day. but imagine- 2 ex spouses, 5 affected children, and continued legal battles. believe me, i would love to vent. i pray instead.

Clairissa said...

It's YOUR blog...don't let what other people think, or what you think they may think inhibit what you express on YOUR blog. Live your life, express yourself, and if that means someone tags you with a scarlet letter, that's THEIR problem, not yours. My unsolicited two cents ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Brittany,

Look at how much you look like Abby in the picture with you in piggie tails. Amazing!
You have sweet sisters.

I was 13/22 on the Britt quiz ... pretty good, I think.

Love You,

Anonymous said...

Awwwww....I just finished reading Brooke's blog about you. I miss you like crazy!!! At first I was laughing, then I was like, "huh?", and then I was crying. Man I miss you. And, um, since when does Jake have a tat? I just cannot seem to picture it. Let me guess, it says, "candice forever".


Emily said...

Better late than never??? HAPPY B-DAY BRIT! I learned a ton about you from Brooke's b-day quiz. I absolutely loved the pics! And you are a very cute young mom! Hope it was a great birthday!

Celia Fae said...

I get you on the venting. Sometimes I imagine that I have another private blog where I can put all of the feelings and thoughts I can't on mine. However, I have found that when I do tell the unvarnished truth, people are grateful to hear it. Some stuff you just can't do, though.