Friday, February 29, 2008

white & black


White: I love winter!
Black: I hate winter!

White: Look at the pretty snow
Black: Enough snow, already


White: the circle of life is beautiful and gives me new insights and wisdom
Black: I saw the beauty and learned the wisdom last month

White: fire, hot chocolate, comfy clothes
Black: 5 extra pounds from sedentary “activities”


White: snow days for the kids
Black: snow days for the kids

White: the stark look of black and white and grey—the absence of color and life is such a huge contrast to how it is the rest of the year. It is beautiful in its own way and makes me appreciate the incredible life that comes in the spring
Black: it’s just so cold!


White: you slide really fast on your sled/bum down the hill
Black: you do the same thing in your car

White: I love winter!
Black: I hate winter!



andrea said...

as always, britt, you are fanstastic. optimistic and realistic. i love it.
and great, great photos.

Abby said...

Is that real? You live in a Robert Frost poem, ya know! I didn't realize I had come to appreciate my climate so much, until I went to Utah a couple of weeks ago. I left gorgeous spring weather and felt the gray dirty snowy cold closing in on me--keeping me indoors...gasp! Aside from the great company there, I was happy to come home to spring. (I'll be hating it here in the summer :) Come to think of it, you're in UT right now, huh? Have fun--I wanted to go to lunch!

Wendy said...

Those photos are amazing. I agree I also have a love/hate relationship with winter. Although I think mine is much more hate than love.

Anonymous said...

It's SPRING here! I went without a coat today and all the snow is melted. The kids have been spending the afternoon sliding on our slide/swing thingy mabobber (what are those called??)

Anyway - come soon!


Beth said...

I could not have said it better myself.
ENOUGH winter already !!!

emma jo said...

Abby is right, it is like a Robert Frost poem. And I love your black and white outlook...I agree with all of your love hate observations!

jenica said...

these are hauntingly beautiful pics! and i totally agree, i'm finding myself much more on the black side than the white though!

Vanessa said...

I loved this post, you are so creative!!

Chris said...

What a creative and gorgeous post! Lovely!