Sunday, March 16, 2008

hello, stranger.


So I’m back. I’m not good at the details—too hard to sum it all up. The pressure! Utah, family and friends, snow, wedding, big houses, yadda yadda yadda. Good times.

Since I got home, I’ve dealt with snow, rain, puke, washing puke from lots of places, washing my hands a lot, being sore from running for the first time in a couple weeks, constipation (if it was my own, I most likely wouldn’t be so open about it), and motherly/wifely duties that consist of cleaning and cooking and keeping everyone going in general. Hey, I didn’t say that I’ve been dealing with any of these things well. I still feel blessed and lucky, no worries.

This week I will be filling orders for aprons, forcing laxatives, getting ready for my boy to have surgery on Thursday (tonsils and adenoids), cleaning, feeding, reading, doing 3rd grade homework with my girl, finding beauty in the simple things, studying, making phone calls to my sisters while I’m doing the dishes, and trying to become a healthier person in general because I believe in that sort of thing. Isn’t my life so intriguing?

There. Now I feel like I can blog like a normal person again. Sheesh.


calibosmom said...

Welcome home-you were missed!

Abby said...

Sometimes you just have to 'puke' out what's been going on, no? Good luck with all fun, but pat yourself on the back, mommy.

andrea said...

definitely missed you. looking forward to all the pictures and detailed entries you're going to post... in between surgery, laxatives and 3rd grade math.

Anonymous said...

You could always take a sabbatical like me. Oh wait, then what would I read??


Loralee said...

this is the only one i felt worthy to touch. you are such an overall artist i could only comment on the one that made me feel comfortable and o.k. in my mediocrity. that is not really what i mean but your multi-talent is intimidating and overwhelming. to sum it up, i miss you friend brit. you look like you are doing awesome and i am going to have to order some of those super fun aprons for my cousin. i love you!

brittany said...

oh, my wonderful friend loralee-how i miss you!!!! don't say these things! I don't want anyone to ever be intimidated or overwhelmed! And you are anything but mediocre.