Tuesday, April 15, 2008

runner's high

There are several factors that contributed to my very first runner’s high. I’d like to acknowledge them here and now…

1. My husband who made me feel brave by telling me after running 7 miles this morning that “after running toward death for the first couple miles, your body just gets in the groove; it wasn’t that hard.” *please note that when he started his run it was only 30 degrees outside – that really does feel like running toward death just in case you were wondering.
2. Thinking about my hero, Kara who can run 7 minute miles while pushing her two littles in a stroller.
3. Feeling the pressure of the half marathon that is only one month away that Jake signed us up for—I haven’t been training very hard and it shows.
4. The weather was beautiful and sunny (by the time I started my run it was 45 degrees and climbing), the birds were chirping (although I couldn’t hear them very well with my headphones on), and I noticed that more things are starting to bloom.
5. I got into my “running gear” and for the first time decided to use my fuel belt which I’ve decided that I adore. There is a little pocket for “fuel” (in my case, double chocolate Gu that my family thinks is a sin because it contains caffeine (doesn’t ALL chocolate?)) and ended up holding my wedding rings when my fingers swelled after a few miles. It held my ipod steady and the little baby water bottles were the perfect size and shape.
6. I was a little late getting started and realized that I only had an hour and 15 minutes before I had to be at the school to pick up my son. So I put on the timer on my ipod and decided to go as far as I could in 35 minutes and then turn back for home.
7. Amsterdam by Guster is my power song. It gives me a bolt of energy every time and sets my pace and lengthens my stride
8. When my timer said “35:08” it was a straight-a-way and I could see the stop sign that if I made it to would mean that my loop would be 7 miles. So I went for it and made it in 3 minutes. It meant that I was going to have to book it home - six minutes can make a big difference in my life.
9. The fact that my 8 year old made me put High School Musical on my ipod—when I heard Troy singing “Bet On It” it made me giggle and put me in an even better mood. I flew down that hill imagining Troy dancing on that golf course in New Mexico. Who knew something so cheesy would come in handy at such a time?
10. My mailman passed me twice and gave me a hearty thumbs up (the first time he passed me I was 3 miles away from my house).
11. I prayed when I got to the last mile that I could run swiftly so I wouldn’t be late for my boy (and by extension, my girl).
12. My neighbor passed me to go to the kindergarten pick up line when I still had a half mile left.
13. A couple houses down from my house there was one of those things that the police set up to show you how fast you’re going and it suddenly flashed my speed “5” (wow, I’m going really slow) “6…7” (that’s better…almost. home. so. tired) “…5”
14. Home: 7 miles, 1 hour 12 minutes, first runner’s high - can’t wait to do it again!


Matthew Tod said...

As you read this, picture me in a cheerleader outfit, it makes more sense;

Nicely done!
Glad to hear it!
You ran seven miles
and did not fear it!
GOOOOOO Britney!

Clairissa said...

Rock on, girl!!!

calibosmom said...


Jessa said...

You are my inspiration! ;)

andrea said...

good for you. i love to hear stories of women getting up and moving. i miss running so much, and wonder if i'll ever be able to do it again. so i like to live vicariously through others. can't wait for the post about the half-marathon! i'll be cheering you on.

Alli Easley said...

Absolute inspiration! I'm about to start running and I needed to read this today. Also...in case you didn't know, they filmed High School Musical 2 all in St. George. It's a fake New Mexico. Crazy Hollywood people!

Anonymous said...

I think runners are a bunch of crazies. I see them in the freezing cold running along and I think - you're crazy! That said - congrats dude. I hate to run. When and if I run on the treadmill at the gym I get nowhere near 7 miles an hour and I quit after 20 minutes. It's yoga and walking for me...


jenica said...

you rock. i'll bet it feels so good to accomplish that. no way that it's happening for me though!!!

just caught up on your blog. so much goodness! i love your post about your faithful boy. and i feel the same way about my jubilent 4 year old... motherhood is so completely backwards from what i expected.


Abby said...

I am super impressed. Way to go! I tried to walk with my boys to the park the other day and we had to turn around after the first hill. James was actually amazed at how badly I was lagging...I think it wil be a good while before I feel any sort of runner's high. (pant!)

(Jen) Domino-n-Crash & Fam. said...

I just returned from a date with my hubby--- where we enjoyed a lengthy conversation about running, his participation in the Marine Corps Marathon a while back, and training ideas. It's so ironic and inspirational to come home and read this tonight of all days.
Maybe I should mark it down to re-read when I need inspiration to just keep going...with anything.
As my husband says at the end of all his runs -- AHhhh, what a RUSH.

pink sky said...

you go girl...rockin' to your high school musical and all. i am so impressed you are doing this. aren't mailmen the best?

Darlene said...

Bravo *clap-clap-clap-clap-clap*
Good for you
much love b,
xox darlene

MwH said...

You rock! I so admire what you're doing! I wish I could make myself run. . . Well, I guess I'm willing to run if it involves catching my kid before he runs into the street or something with peanut butter and chocolate baskin robbins ice cream.

Wendy said...

Good for you Brit! Sounds invigorating.

Kara said...

I still love to hear this story. There is nothing more motivating than hearing people talk about accoplishing things they didn't think they could do!

Suzie Petunia said...

I can't tell you how much I love hearing things like this. I heart running.