Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bloggy experience: meeting up with these girls for dinner

bloggie dinner

stolen picture from andrea of our yummy time together.

I really want to photoshop my shiny face...but that's beside the point. I had a great time with Andrea, Annie and Liz.

Temptation: nutty bars. I got a box (for the first time in about 10 years) and put them in the drawer. The next afternoon we're all hanging out in the family room together and I hear Miss 9 yr-old say, "hm. What's a nudey bar?" We fully enjoyed our nudey bars and yes, they are addicting. I bought a second box on my next trip to the grocery store and hid it so I could have them ALL to myself. (Which I did. In two days. ALL of them. Myself.) Oh, boy. It's all I want as I'm typing this. Alas, I have restrained myself which leads me to my next latest...

Guru: Dr. Andrew Weil. I have loved him for years. He's a health guru and I like the way he's realistic, and he isn't sensational. Everything he says makes sense to me. After my nutty bar binge I decided that it was time to get back to the basics. So I rented a bunch of library books like "get the sugar out" and "eating raw" and the like but they were a little much and instead of inspiring, they made me roll my eyes. Then I re-read one of Dr. Weil's books and have been eating much fresher and better. Because I want to. (unless you include all that home made carmel corn...)

Party: make your own tie die

home made tie die
the results

Playgroup: strawberry picking and the beach

Book series: The Gemma Doyle trilogy

Delight: fresh homemade salsa

fresh salsa

Movie: Wall-E. So incredibly imaginative! Two thumbs up. (didn’t keep my 4 yr-old’s attention though, so there may be an age limit.)

Death in the family: Mrs. Crabby Crab. Maybe I didn’t change her water enough…but then again, maybe it had to do with the multiple escape attempts. (it’s a long fall to the floor!)

okay, the man of the house is home and my new book is calling...happy sunday!


andrea said...

i want that salsa so bad i can hardly stand it. fresh salsa is my all time favorite food. it has to be eaten with thin, salty, greasy chips. mmmmm....

loved bloggityblogmeeting with you. it was so good to see you after so long.

Anonymous said...

You sound busy - You GO girl!


calibosmom said...

I love Anna's face..."YO DUDE!" You know I love the Salsa! Dr. Weil is a wise man-I could definately use his council right now...I need to get off the Doritos!

Parker said...

Dan and I love those nutty bars. We go on "peanut butter bar" runs a little too often. They are a guilty pleasure (when we're down in the dumps) treat. I like to see if I can peal them apart without losing any of the peanut butter goodness. It's a silly game.


I love your recipes!

Tori said...

Wall-E didn't keep Jayne's attention either! She was scared when Eve's spaceship came and that was it for the rest of the movie.

Miss you so much!!!