Thursday, June 5, 2008

she cuts things

Abby's hair

My third child has no need to look like every other adorable 4 year old who has a nice little haircut that fits nicely into ponytails and braids. She seems to be a little different from the other kids. My other children’s favorite word to describe her is “feisty.”


I’ve heard the question “how did she get a hold a scissors?” many times. I used to think that I was a careless mother, but now I understand that there is no way to keep them from her. No way to keep anything away from her that she’s determined to have. She’s resourceful and independent (and I’m in trouble with this one—wish me luck for the future of my parenting experience!).

She seemed a little too happy to be holding all that hair, and I told her that maybe she should look a little sad about cutting it. This is the look she gave me for the camera.

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with this haircut. (I cried when I saw her and then she showed me where she hid all that hair--behind the couch!) It had taken us at least a year and a half to grow out the last “haircut” and her hair was just about where I wanted it to be—almost all one length, bangs finally grown out. (I am the parent, after all. I have to wash her hair and brush it. I have to look at her cuteness all day every day, even if that cuteness has a stain on her shirt or my new lipstick all over her mouth…or a homemade haircut that is unruly.)

So I took her into the salon. For the first time, I had someone other than me (and herself, if that even counts) take scissors to her hair. It was over my head how we could fix this one. But here she is, newly funky and she loved the salon experience.

new haircut


new haircut


andrea said...

i don't even know what to say, britt. but here are a couple things that ran through my mind:

-she looks so much like you!
-excellent pictures, esp that first one.
-the hair could be donated to a local bird for its nest.
-big improvement with the before and after pictures.
-not a very convincing "sad" look
-and have fun with that one...

calibosmom said...

I see a surgeon in the making...that's what I always wanted to be.

Dallas & Krista said...

Oh little tiny thing! Why do you keep doing that to your momma?? It's a good thing you are so cute. And I love the sad face! :)

Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

I have the boy version of feisty. These are some of the questions I have had from other more responsible mom's. "why did you let your child make hot chocolate by himself", "why do you let him write on the furniture", Why did you teach him to climb on top of the fridge".

I felt so relieved as a mom when my sister watched him and at the end said. . ."wow how do you keep him out of trouble everyday? he is so determined and independent?"
at least you and I can really relate. I love the salon cut. . . .so cute.

and all your pictures are so great. what kind of camera do you have . .did you take classes? or are you just a natural behind the lens?

hopefully she wont cut her hair again to get a trip to the salon;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing WITH you. And her hair looks gorgeous now so I guess it turned out in the end.

Toooooo funny Britt.


Mama Coons said...

You are an amazing photographer, she is a beautiful subject. She is creative like her mother and when you need funny stories for her graduation, she will provide!

Leigh said...

oh my goodness! I have to say though, I love the hip little "doo" she has now - very mod! She looks very proud.

As painful as it was for you - this will be a very funny memory down the road - for both of you.

Abby said...

Bless her naughty little heart! I too see you in her! Good thing she's cute enough to pull off such a stunt. Good luck with this one. Naughtiness AND good looks are a dangerous combo.

jenica said...

haha. i love it and her! her hair looks awesome now.

we have scissor *issues* in our house too. i finally had to tell them all that it was illegal to cut hair without a license and we can only go to a professional for haircuts. *it actually worked!* but that hasn't save my couch, my tablecloths, or my shower curtain.

MiandMiksmom said...

Okay, that is hilarious. It's a good thing she's so cute...she can get away with any hair cut! What a cute story, and seriously...the pictures are priceless...maybe even worth the hassle!

Wendy said...

Oh Abby! Just remember, someday it will all be a funny memory. :) I think the hairstylist did a good job. She looks cute. And that was a cute letter to your bloggie blog. I bet it feels less neglected now.

Emily said...

Is this the same daughter that got into the powder and tracked it all over the house?? I am guessing yes! I am sure that her "feistiness" and independence will be some of her best qualities as an adult. It is just hard to contain right now. Good luck! She is so adorable and looks so much like you!

Kelley Boston said...

The first "new-haircut" picture (the side view), could be a picture of you.

Wylie said...

I remember when my third child (also a girl)gave herself a haircut one evening after her third birthday. She was supposed to be in bed, sleeping, and I was downstairs putting my feet up after a long day, when she arrived at my elbow and said, "Mama, how do I look?" Literally one side was about one inch long!!!!! I cried. But then we evened it out, or tried to, and she looked very cute in a little page boy style.

Now my feisty daughter is 21, and recently graduated from college, and is still pursuing her independent, creative dreams!!!!!