Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lotsa lotsa

peaches at Applecrest

Life has been going and going. Lotsa stuff has been whirring by without me checking in here. How about a list?

-our internet has been down for a while. I don’t have an email right now. It’s a little crazy, but everything should be resolved soon.


-More ultrasounds and all is well. I’ve got little wiggly people in there with little tiny beating hearts. The babies are growing and they even have their own fingerprints at this point. I haven’t been quite so never-endingly ridiculously sick. Just regular sick and constantly tired. (That’s not a complaint, just truth.)

-We got to celebrate Jake’s birthday this weekend. (man, I really like that guy.) We had an awesome time up at his brother’s house with the family. The kids caught two fish each out on the lake. (I sadly didn’t get to witness it—I was mercifully asleep:) Roger and Kyle took good care of us. (thanks, guys!)

-School starts this week and the kids can’t wait. They’re vacillating between excitement and anxiety. I am personally looking forward to having a schedule forced upon us considering the state of my non-medicated ADD-induced lack of anything that is…see? I can’t even think of what I’m missing now that I’m missing it. I can’t think of what it takes to run anything. Survival. That’s where I am. And school will help with that. want. my. little. pills. back.


-I have a batch of cute aprons coming your way. Stay tuned for the deets. I will start a pre-ordering process soon for those who want a better dealio and if you are interested in a wholesale account with me, email me at brittany[at]cottageroaddesigns.com

-In my weakened state, I have had more time to read as I lay down to conserve energy. I can recommend three books for you: Breaking Dawn (I don’t care about the reviews, I loved it. It was perfection and I think you are a genius, Stephenie.), The Goose Girl and Ender’s Game. It was a kidlit kind of month, and I agree with Laini.


-I did everything I knew how to do my last three pregnancies to avoid stretch marks, but it didn’t work. They still showed up. Does anyone have any ideas? Things that worked for you? My belly is growing pretty fast and it’s getting itchy already. (I’m really in for it, aren’t I?) Help!


-I’m already nesting. I moved the girls into the same room and painted it the most delightful color ever. (oh, I just noticed you can peek at it in this picture--it's a happy blueish and it looks...happy.) I should have taken before and afters. I painted one of Isaac’s walls with chalkboard paint. It is perfect for his “science room” kind of theme. I did take a picture of one of his drawings because it was so sweet. I love the chalkboard paint! I painted some clipboards with it and am making them into job charts for the kids. I’ll post pictures if I ever actually finish the project, because the way I imagine it working is ingeniousJ (Now if my brain was working correctly I might actually follow through and make them DO their jobs. I’ll try. I promise I’ll try.)


Okay, we're off to pick apples. Have a happy day!


xianfern said...

I'm sorry you're still sick, and I remember the tired.. ugh, that was the worst. Stretch marks? I have no idea how to avoid them, but some good vitamin E lotion might help with the itching.. See if your o.b. might do a tummy tuck at the time of the twins birth (if you have a c-section) You'll be left with the unavoidable "twin skin" which is comprable to pizza dough, yea, it's lovely! Are you going to find out what you're having? Can't wait to hear! Good luck with the first day of school, we go tomorrow, and I can't wait either!

andrea said...

love the chalkboard wall. very good idea for a creative child. how do you manage the chalk dust?

try royal jelly body butter by the savannah bee company. it's phenomenal stuff. and it smells delightfully of blackberries. you'll have to google it to find a distributor.

Tori said...

Love that picture! LOL! Too cute!

And those peaches...mmmm.

Wish I could be there right next to you to help you focus on your projects. Wouldn't that be fun? ;)

love you and your little wiggly people. {{{hugs}}}

Tamara said...

Hi friend, I say that you should go easy on yourself and embrace the craziness, the chaos, and discombobulation (is that a word??) What better excuse can you have than growing two little people?

Nothing worked for me for stetch marks...although I have friends who swore by Shea butter and jojoba oil...

Wendy said...

Love, love, love that chalkboard pic of the fam - I love it cause he even remembered the 2 little people in your growing belly. I really like the chalkboard paint idea too. Really cool.

Good luck with school starting - make sure you relax while they're all gone. You deserve it! love you friend!

calibosmom said...

WAY TO GO on the paint jobs-no wonder you're tired! I want some of that cake...Happy Birthday Jakers!

jake said...

I do like that he has the babies holding hands too, indicating that they know whats up with our crazy little family who all climb into the same bed in the morning...

AnnieB said...

ha! I'm laughing out loud about x's comment about the "twin skin" resembling pizza dough...got it!
stretch marks...got it.
itching...oh, the unmerciful itching!...got it.

so sorry! I have no advice for you! the itching only gets worse and nothing really helped but the creams felt good while you rubbed them on! warm baths helped. just relax and "embrace the light". eternal perspective baby! sending love and anti-itching vibes your way!

megg said...

I'm sorry you're sick! Try Bio-Oil. I've heard it's amazing for stretch marks!!

Wishing you a blissful morning of pure UNmorningsickness!!


jenica said...

are you still coming to squam in your weakened state? i'm really hoping so!

try motherlove.com for some really awesome balms. i've got pizza dough belly myself.


Emily said...

So busy, so productive and you have 2 babies inside you! I am impressed! I am sorry that you are still sick. Hopefully that subsides soon. As for the stretch marks....I hear they are hereditary. Meaning all the lotions in the world won't help if you are predisposed to them! (I fit that category) It is lovely isn't it? Hope you can rest while the kids are at school! You deserve it! XOXO

Mikael said...

you are so positive and refreshing! I LOVE the book cover idea, that is awesome. I bet all the kids in school want to buy them.
I check your blog to see how you are doing. Glad you arent deathly ill (like I was), but twins can really take it out of you.
and about stretch marks- the only way to avoid them with twins is to have them before they reach 7 lbs (basically, I am plagued with HORRIFIC stretch marks and extra skin that will hang over forever... until my tummy tuck). I havent heard any twin mom making it out without any, but you could be the 1st! you are doing great, keep it up :)

Suzie Petunia said...

That picture is so sweet! The babies in your belly are the best part. :)

Caleb Reeve said...

I heard coco butter or coconut butter...something like that. you can try everyone's ideas on different parts of your belly and see which one works the best.

Kara said...

Did you like Ender's Game? I just loved it and had to give it to you to love also...did you.love it?

I just caught up on all your blogging. Man I've been out of it. I'm so excited you're gone right now at "art camp", although i can think of a dozen things I'd like to talk to you about after reading these!!