Sunday, October 12, 2008

parenting parodies

happy 7th

She throws punches

We were at my son’s first soccer game ever. I was lost in the cheering section while the girls played with a multitude of children on the playground behind me. I kept turning and checking to make sure they were there, first of all, and secondly, seemed okay, and then would turn around to catch a glimpse of the miracle in front of me that is 6-8 year-olds playing a team sport. Later that night, (yes, he won and we all were proud) I found out that while the girls were playing, two 3rd grade boys were bullying my 4 year old. (For those of you without children, let me help you with the mental image: cute little girl, waist high with little bobbed hair on various toddler playground toys who has a hard time getting on a swing because she can’t quite reach, so she mostly swings on her stomach; and two boys a foot taller than her who have been riding the bus to school for 3 ½ years already.) What does she do? She punches one kid in the eye and the other in the mouth.

He misses the point

We had several casualties that made us late to church this morning. On the drive there I said, “Man, we’re going to miss the sacrament. That’s like the whole point of going in the first place!” Upon answering a couple questions that this sentence spurred, my son said, “What?! The sacrament is about JESUS? I thought it was just about the snack!”

She is perfect

The eldest is practically perfect in every way, so that must mean that I have some hope as a parent.


emma jo said...

Is it wrong that I totally LOVE that she punched some boys? Your kids sound adorable, some day we'll have to make a little jaunt up to your neck of the woods and play (and then I can poke at your pregnant belly and love your twin-belly).

Abby said...

I love the snippets. I am proud of her for standing up to the bullies, and for some reason I am continually refreshed by the simplicity of how a boy's mind works. Don't you just marvel that there will be two more entirely new personalities to explore?

Emily said...

So as a parent of a 4 year old little girl, did you secretly smile when you found out she punched some boys??? she is brave!

Anonymous said...

I am lovin' that she punched out those boys! You go Abby!!

A perfect child? Does it exist? I thought it impossible!!!


Red Seaglass said...

I love these kinds of stories. And I love your kiddos!

andrea said...

why is it so endearing and feisty when a little girl throws punches, but when my little boy does it, we're shunned like pariahs?

rock on, spunky brewster.

Carolyn said...

I love that she punched the bullies! I hope I get to meet your wonderful, funny kids. They have a wonderful mommy. Enjoying your blog!

jenica said...

she's a third child... i love it.


Tamara said...

Good for her! Love seeing pics you you.