Friday, October 10, 2008

hello there.


Wow. The past couple weeks have been crazy busy. We’ve had family and more family and even more family and a wedding. There have been children and schoolwork and soccer and tantrums and birthdays with balloons and fishing and games. I’ve dealt with photo processing and hormones and a sore body. That doesn’t even sound that busy, but trust me, it was. Last night we went to the best show ever and today it is time to simplify. Today I’m going to rest my weary self and get work done that I can do while putting my feet up at the same time. I’m going to catch up and remember to breathe in the autumn air and listen when the wind rustles the leaves that will soon be fallen. And I think I’ll bake the chocolate chip cookie dough that is in the fridge too.

Happy Friday to you!


Kirsten Michelle said...

i wish i could come over and wait on you hand and foot, beautiful mama.
happy friday to you!

love and snuggles.

Jeni said...

I want those shoes!

andrea said...

could we please trade places, just for today? i'll even accept carrying your twins.

we were supposed to go pick up the resurrected van in oregon today. only the jeep died last night.

i think i am on the verge of total insanity.

Jason and Mandy said...

Hey you,
Can you tell me what you use to edit your blog? Your header, side bars and such are lovely and I'd love to do that to ours. If you could take a second and either email me or reply in this comments section, I'll send you amazingly good thoughts.

Jason Swann

brittany said...

hey you,

I wish you were there at the reunion.

let's see, what do I use to edit my blog? I guess I just use blogger. I changed to the new blogger and they've made adding stuff easier than it was before. I like to keep my background white so the main focus is my photography. Other than that, I really can't think of anything special. But thank you for the nice compliment. If there's something specific that you're wondering about, shoot me an email:


kristen said...

sounds like it's all been good. i love your photos - you earned a day with your feet up. enjoy your weekend. xo