Wednesday, November 5, 2008

giving thanks

fixing the window
My favorite person hung out on the same 1.4 acres as me all day yesterday. This is him fixing the broken window. He never lets me take pictures of him so I had to sneak.

playing catch
My awesome dad came into town and took good care of me. He made every meal! He cleaned up every meal! He even did the laundry! Grandpa Wonderful.

These shoes are great. I don't have to bend down to put them on (and if I did, Jake got me a shoe horn that is like 2 feet long--isn't that cute of him even if it makes me feel like a grandma? Baby A is sitting loooooooow and I can't bend over without causing myself great pain and anguish.). And they are a little big, so my feet swelling hasn't been an issue and I can wear thick socks with them in the fall weather. I had to bend over a little to take this picture because my belly was in the way.


emma jo said...

Cute shoes, awesome Grandpa, lovely husband and adorable fuzz of a baby bump.

Wendy said...

Wow, you're dad is the BEST! I couldn't imagine my dad doing any of that.

Just remember Britt, 'This too, shall pass." :)

calibosmom said...

Looks like Jake is about to give one of the kids a serious talking to. Or maybe another crab got loose and made a break for know I love your shoes!!!

jenica said...

last night, as i was eating my nightly bowl of cereal, i said to my hubs, "...i miss my squamers..."

so yes, this post made me cry. so glad you have such wonderful men in your life. and i'm hoping baby a will shift a little to give you a break!

love you!

Anonymous said...

Brittanica... how are you long lost friend??? Its me, Jenna Udy Guiles, your OLD college friend. I have been enjoying your blog. How are you? I miss you!

Carrie Ann said...

Your dad is AWESOME! I am glad he was there for a visit. He just had dinner with my parents, and they enjoyed it so much. They love your dad.

Abby said...

Does your dad offer his services to anyone, or just pregnant daughters...I could use a Grandpa wonderful. Love the shoes [and belly] and I can feel the fall in your air...imagining breathing it :)