Saturday, November 8, 2008

the issue of toes and pregnancy


since i can't reach my toes anymore, i decided to hire this new girl. She hasn't had much experience, but that's okay.

Practice makes perfect.
now every time I look at my toes I feel a pang of joy,
because the girl who paints my toes now loves me

and i love her back.

thanks, #1.


Dallas and Krista said...

Good job #1. When I come visit, will you do mine too? I can reach my own but I would rather have you do it :)

Kara said...

I never see pictures of...your guy. I miss him. Our of everything that is the same about us, our feet are very different! I would never be able to pick yours out of a line up except that I'd know there would be bright nail polish painted on them (or peeling off of them)!!

jenica said...

this totally made me cry. sweet girl, sweet mama.


Anonymous said...

Ummmm, is she like 9? Oh ha ha. She did a very good job.


Emily said...

Love this! Makes me excited to be having a girl! For now, I have to hire my mom, and I am not brave enough to post a picture of my feet. Hope the pregnancy is going well! Think you will hold out until 36 weeks??!!?

MiandMiksmom said...

I have these big old letters that I think were supposed to be used in a scrapbook, but I never got around to it...guess what I'm going to do when the kids get home? You are inspiring!!!