Tuesday, February 10, 2009

# 3

We got a new sippy cup for #3 (4.5 yrs old) upon many repeated requests.

As she was opening the packaging, there was a little piece of paper inside of the cup. She asked #1 (9 yrs old) what the paper was for and it went down like this:
#1: It's instructions for the sippy cup.

#3: Wow! "You Put Milk In It" is the longest word.
Laughter ensued.


emma jo said...

I love kids.

Audria said...

I can't tell you how awesome this conversation is!! So much like little tidbits I regularly hear in my classroom. One of the reasons I love little people. :)

A-Kap said...

That is dang funny.

rddnhus said...

Hey! Come on....what's with the slackin'? We need more pictures!

Kara said...