Friday, February 20, 2009

mama's tired


lots of people keep asking me if they're identical. so as i type one-handed while i hold miss fussy pants, i will give you some hints. (wait, now i'm holding two with the help of my leg...and typing one handed) (i must be awesome, right?)

one has an innie and the other has an outie

one is more fussy than the other (sensitive belly?)


one has blue eyes, one has brown (so far)

one is "big" and the other is "little"


one has lighter hair than the other

one needs her nose to grow into her and the other needs to grow into her nose

one makes stinkier poo-poo than the other

one has round eyes and one has almond shaped eyes


they both grunt a lot

they both eat and go poo-poo a lot

they both gaze back at me with love in thier eyes

they both have me smitten



Georgia said...

And both are beautiful.


Leigh said...

what precious, sweet lil' babes! Wonderful photos. thanks so much for posting, I've been wondering how you are holding up. Glad you are finding all the sweetness in these little darlings. Keep up the good work!

the wrath of khandrea said...

can i have them? please?

Mikael said...

your pictures are gorgeous! And you are AWESOME!!!!... I am beginning to think mine are fraternal because they are so completely different to me. But then to outsiders they say they are so alike. And the dr said they were identical, so whatever. (and I am hoping they really are identical because if you have had fraternal twins the chances to have them again are WAY HIGH, and not high at all with identical ones)
keep it up super mom!

Jessa said...

They are so sweet, britt. :)

They have noses that remind me of Abby. :)

I can't wait to give them each a squeeze! :)


Jen -n- Jase & kids said...

I wish I was close enough to borrow them - at least while you need to type. They are "awe - too cute" as my kids all just said as they came to sneak a peak at the computer screen.
Since I'm not having any more of my own, I'm LOVING every photo and cute thing you share.

emma jo said...

Too beautiful and precious for words. Abby and I are desperately trying to figure out how driving our 6 children to your house wouldn't make everyone absolutely nuts. Couldn't we just leave our 6 here for a day alone? We want to snuggle your babies and hug a graciously lovely new Momma!!!

Emily said...

Loved loved loved this post! i could look at pictures of your little girls all day long! They truly are little miracles! Oh happy day!

Wendy said...

Your comment made me happy. :) You will always be my soul mate friend. Your babies are gorgeous. Can't wait to meet them. Love ya friend!

calibosmom said...


xianfern said...

Mama should be tired!! It's a lot of work.. I'm so happy that you are so positive, and focusing on the joys these babies have brought to your family! They are like a mini Jake, and a mini Britt!! So cute!

AnnieB said...

I'm smitten! Oh, so pretty in pink. Love the little differences. They are so precious and you are doing such a great job, new mother of five!! I'm so proud of you!
I think of you often. Love you!