Wednesday, May 27, 2009

conversations in the carpool

"brave" mixed media on canvas

During my drives to take three 5-year-olds to preschool, I hear all kinds of crazy stuff. You know, little girly stuff. Sometimes it’s annoying. Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they demand specific music, like Hillary Duff or Hannah Montana.

This is part of what I heard today:

Child 1: My mommy stopped nursing my little brother a long time ago.

Child 2: Do you know that ‘nursing’ means breast feeding and breast-es are BOOBS!


Child 3: Well, when I was born I came out of my mommy’s private parts!

*more giggles*

and on the conversation went…


xianfern said...

hot showers!! and manually expressing some milk, if it's not too painful, or a pump.. I think this will slow down the lactation and you should be all dried up in no time.. at least that's how it worked for me!

Kara said...

I was going to say the exact same thing, express some milk, but not alot, definitely don't empty the breast. Just get enough out to take away the pain. Also, hot pads or compresses or showers open the ducts and help as well.

Poor thing. Take the power back!

Mikael said...

This is a cute post... what are the 2 comments above about? Did I miss something about you trying to dry up your milk? CABBAGE!! I was dried up overnight!!
anyway, is that your painting "brave"? I would LOVE to get you to do something for me. how much do they go for??

brittany said...

M-Yes, the comments are about weaning. I took that part of the post off because Jake didn't like that I was discussing my boobs with the general public:)

I've been trying the cabbage, and it has helped!

I'm still trying to figure out how to work the painting stuff--prices and prints and origionals, etc. It's all a process, but I'm sure we'll all live it out together on my li'l blog:)

emma jo said...

I think I need one of your paintings too. I love them, so much.
I miss doing a carpool for preschool...Abby and her friend a couple of years ago were the best. They used to request "Popular" from Wicked. Funny and a little disturbing.
Did I already say how talented you are? You make adorable children, awesome aprons and smashing paintings. Really, I want one, just name your price.

Vanessa said...

yes I really really want one of your paintings

mindy said...

lol! and love the new banner.

Lucky Candice said...

I'd buy one too! Nursing is so great and weaning is such freedom.

Love you - miss you!!!


Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought said...

Just found your blog. That is a lovely painting. And that is a hilarious conversation.