Wednesday, May 20, 2009

make a wish


here she comes! she's got some wishes grasped in that cute little hand.


she wished for something cute.


I won't tell you what it is - it might not come true!

wishes in the grass

wishes in the grass.

I wish...

*that it was high fashion to never shave your legs

*that Edward would bite me so that I would never have the need to sleep and I could get everything done super fast

*that I my baby wieght would magically disappear

*that we could live off trades and forget about money

what do you wish for?


loony said...
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rddnhus said...

I had a camera like yours!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i wish i had one half the talent and creativity you have. or a brownie. both sound good to me.

Jessa said...

I wish, for you and me, utter and complete happiness. And contentment till the end of time! :)

Emily said...

I wish the raccoons would stop tipping our trash cans over. (If I had a wisher as cute as yours, it might come true!)

In lieu of the raccoons thing, though, I'd take a brownie as well.

mindy said...

mmm...the edward biting thing might be very nice, and not just for sleep :) and i don't have to ever shave my legs but always feel like i'm missing out. go figure. i'm wishing for a smooth transition fron a family of 3 to a family of 4. ahh, a girl can at least wish.

~home bodies~ said...

we wish that we lived closer to you. m & a

Tara said...

Dear girl:

I too wish for the great sleep & hairy legs to be fashionable - wonderful wishes. Maybe there is a fairy that grants wishes to weary moms. I'm thinking you're quite a wonderful mom and a tad hard on yourself.

My wish: to manage sanity & maybe even a dose of fun this summer. Cross your fingers & your toes.

Kara said...

*that my 'to do' list would magically be completed

*that gardens pruned themselves

*that kids' voices couldn't hit such high levels of screaming

*that I was holding one of your babies for you