Thursday, May 21, 2009


Muse: mixed media on canvas
being a mom means that you have little muses surrounding you always. aren't we moms lucky?
It’s hot today. We’ve been playing and crying and laughing and drenched in sweat and then dried again. Now we’re all salty and content.

I walked into the kitchen and I spotted her on the floor. She was laying there on her back with the most peaceful half smile on her face and her feet propped on the cupboards staring at the ceiling. She was humming and there were cherries next to her on the floor.

We all know that motherhood is hard.

But that’s not the point.
Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded.

Because then I refocus and remember. There’s a lot to remember, no? But when I do remember, life is so much more enjoyable.


jenica said...

and it's usually the simplest things that remind us of why we do it. today it wasn't taking my kids to the museum that did it for me. it was watching them eat their fortune cookies after lunch, and freakin' out when they found paper in a cookie!!!!

they really are beautiful aren't they?

love you girl.

xianfern said...

Again? You MADE that?? I'm trying not to hate you girl.. but jeesh!! Beautiful as always!! ;)

Gabe said...

B, I wish I had your talents and your grace. You are so beautiful in ALL that you do and are! I'm so happy we're friends. :)

brittany said...

gabe, I love you. xx

Anonymous said...

Brittany, is this for sale by chance? I love it. Would be lovely in my daughters room. Let me know.

Jeanneoli said...

This is so beautiful! It is so fun to see your creativity!!!