Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Take to the Sky
"take to the sky" origional mixed media on canvas, prints available at my shop

You know how when you watch your children sleep there is this love that reaches such a depth that it just might be enough to kill you? Well, I was watching my little winter birds and making all sorts of plans for their future. You know, like trying to will myself to be the perfect mother for them, sending affirmations their way. Hoping that 20 years from now they will be asleep some morning and when they wake up and stretch out the bodies that I created with my own, they will be perfectly content because they were loved enough. Loved in a way that they know their potential. Loved enough that they know their dreams are something real and tangible. Loved so that they know their beauty is inside and out. Loved so much that they have the ability to love enough to accept and forgive and say they are sorry. Loved completely.

So that’s what this painting is all about. The words say “your potential is unlimited, little ones” and the leaves hold affirmations that I would want for them. Things like: love, dream, choose, forgive, believe, soar, seek, hope…

There are prints of some of my recent paintings available at my shop now. Thanks for the love—sometimes it is hard to put it all out there. xx


Jaime said...

What a beautiful post about love, Brit. I'm cutting and pasting it, and printing it out so I can put it in my journal.
Love you!

mindy said...

just bought my "muse" print... so happy :) i love this one too!

The Wilkinson Clan said...

I would love a 5X8 painting. Would it be possible? Renee (801) 707-8115

daisies said...