Sunday, June 21, 2009

i was just thinking about my sisters...


I was with all my sisters and we were getting ready for a wedding. Not one of ours, but a friend of the family. We were at the Alamo house and I don’t even remember whose wedding it was, I just remember that as I was getting ready, I was looking at my sisters and admiring their beauty. They are seriously stunning—each of them. And instead of feeling good about their loveliness, I started getting all down on myself. They all have blonde hair and it was long and flowy; I’m dark haired and I had cut it off into a short pixie cut and I was wishing that I was more feminine like them. I don’t remember what any of us were wearing, but once I saw each of them, I felt like I hadn’t brought the right clothes and I was uncomfortable in my own skin. As we got into the car, we all smooshed in together and I resigned myself to keep my head up and was trying to hold back the tears of insecurity. As we pulled out of the driveway, one of my sisters said, “I can’t believe how beautiful Brittany looks; it’s not fair.” And the others started muttering their agreement. I was completely floored. I couldn’t even speak and sat there with my mouth open and my breath stopped at my throat.

And by the time we got there I felt beautiful instead of whatever it was I felt before.

That’s what they do for me. I realized the other day that when I’m feeling insecure, I call my sisters and they build me up. (I need to stop doing that, because they probably are really sick of me needing their encouraging words over and over.)

I have been feeling badly about myself because I’ve still been recovering in many ways from my crazy pregnancy and I still have lots of extra weight on this body of mine. My sisters are coming in a little over a week and I found myself panicking at their svelte physiques and gorgeous selves (because it’s hard not to compare yourself to people who come from the same genetic structure as yourself). But then I remembered. These hotties love me. They are my biggest supporters. They make me feel beautiful.


Aren’t sisters the best?


Mikael said...

I always wanted a sister. I guess it is partly good I don't have any, because I certainly do not want my brother's bodies!haha.
Give yourself time. you will get there, I promise! You are beautiful

jenica said...

you are so lucky girl.


the wrath of khandrea said...

i can't even imagine the ways in which they must envy your talent, your persona, and your ability to create. i know i do.

Dallas and Krista said...

Oh Britt, You are always beautiful and what is the best about you is the you are stunning through and through. I want to be more like you, and when someone says that I am anything like you in any way, it is the worlds biggest compliment to me! I LOVE you and I can't wait to see you- no matter what is left over on your body. That will all go away with time, and if you ask me- right now- you are more beautiful than EVER. You impress me daily- I love to watch you (or listen to you, I guess!) be a mother and an artist and a wife. I am so proud of you- you are so simply full of GRACE.

Sisters really are the best. There is just nothing like a sister.

tara badstubner said...

You do have beautiful sisters, but you are quite beautiful as well, inside and out. Sometimes handling weight gain or health issues or whatever with grace is its own kind of beauty. Have a lovely week with your sisters.

emma jo said...

Sisters ARE the best (brothers are cool too, but you know.) Ooh, it might take restraint to not hop in my car and come crash a Reeve sister playdate. It is tempting, I must admit. You are beautiful ladies, right down into your toes.

Lucky Candice said...

I'll send you a mirror, you must not own one.


momofbeegees said...

Sisters are GREAT!!! I have two and we are very close! How exciting that you all are getting together. Tell Brooke HI! You are such a wonderful person. There were many, many times in college that you knew just what to say to cheer me up. Thanks for that!

mindy said...

i always wondered what it would have been like to have sisters. having that built-in girly tribe just seems so magical! you are truly blessed.

and i love, LOVE my new print! looking for the perfect frame to nest it in...thank you sweet soul.


Kara said...

Dude, really? I've always envied your style. You do things with your hair and your clothes that I wouldn't have the guts to do, and you totally pull it off! Plus, whatever, blonds get no respect. Guys want dark and exotic, so guess who got the good genes!!

I can't wait to see you! 6 short days.

Red Seaglass said...

Brittany! I don't know whether to thank you or reprimand you :) So I will do both. Thank you for being MY sister and doing the same things for me that you say I do for you. You know that I can't live my life without you in in. It's an impossibility.

Secondly, YOU ARE AMAZING! Please try to remember that none of us just pumped out 5 kids, or TWINS for that matter. And it WILL all come off. TIME! In addition, you are the litmus test for me and I think everyone else. You are the first person we all call. You are the glue. Must be the brown hair :) {which I would trade my dishwater blond color for anyday, BTW}. Hold your head high! You are THE sister. I love you.