Thursday, June 25, 2009


waiting for the school bus

So yesterday was the last day of school. I know. Crazy.

It was rainy and chilly/humid and I was tired. So I decided to rent a movie On Demand.

It got paused about 678 times and took like 5 hours to finish it and when it was finally over, I felt yucky.

Here’s the deal: it was He’s Just Not That Into You and while funny and witty with an all-star cast, it left the impression that marriage was a joke. Worthless and a silly notion. This isn’t the only movie I’ve seen recently that left that impression. And it’s not just the movies either.

So here’s a call out; an invitation. To all you happily married folks.

Talk about it.

Write about it.

Sing about it.

Make movies about it.

Marriage is awesome. For those of us that work at it and choose each other every day. For the people that are still madly in love after years and years of marriage. For the lucky and blessed women with husbands who express love and affection and support (and vise versa). For the couples who remember that the other is human and prone to bad days/weeks/years and deserves forgiveness.

Being married to my husband has brought such indescribable happiness. He has made me a better person. He has made my bad days better. He drives me insane trying to get a reaction when he tickles me (I bore 5 children for him to tickle. Doesn’t that give me a get out of tickles free card?)


Anonymous said...

Nice post Brit. It's all screwed up because the divorce rate is so high (and climbing). No one believes in it anymore. You're a lover so you believe~ so do I!


Emily said...

Marriage IS awesome. I've been partaking for only a little over 6 months, but I can tell already-- so pooh on the naysayers!

the wrath of khandrea said...

celebrate even finding someone you can feel that way about. that in and of itself is no small feat.

Dallas and Krista said...

Amen. I thought that movie was totally lame as well. And my life would totally stink without my wonderful hubs. So there, Hollywood.

Kelly said...

Hi Brittany,
Kelly here (who called your blog candy and I hope you understood what I was trying to say...I am a fan!!!)

Great post. Marriage is wonderful. At times, it takes work and sacrifice. But, as you know we weren't meant to have everything our way all of the time. What I give to my husband and what he gives to me...we help fill in each other's weak spots and draw strength from each other. We are each other's ultimate shelter. We are our own individuals, but we both prioritize our relationship and we feed it. I cannot imagine my world without my guy. We just celebrated 11 years married and this September it will be 15 years since our very first kiss. I hope we're kissing until eternity!

YAY for marriage!

Cheers to you and Jake!!!