Tuesday, July 21, 2009

grab your towels and get in the car.

the person with these cute little toes kept me up.
and her sister, too.
in fact, they keep me up a lot.
like every
I'm tired.

I'm so tired that I can't even think ahead to what needs to be done

or this week.

besides the fact
that I'm taking these kids (<---love) swimming

and hanging with my girlfriends

right now.

even if it kills me.

Brooke is flying home today--thanks for hanging and playing and helping me, sister. i love you.


jenica said...

oh hun.

Mikael said...

oh, this post brings back memories. 8 months was my magic time when the boys started sleeping through the night (12+ hrs) consistently- but that was also after I started letting them 'cry it out' for weeks. I had to work on it.
Her toes are cute :)

Red Seaglass said...

I love you too. See? I DO check your blog :)

Anonymous said...
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