Tuesday, August 18, 2009

evening light

evening light
The light is starting to change.
I love watching the light change throughout the year. It lies across the counters and drapes over the floor.
Sometimes I walk into the kitchen and am startled that the angle of the sun is different than it was the last time I noticed.
Sometimes I walk into the kitchen and the light is just right so that you can see all the dirt that needs scrubbing on the cupboards. Then I get embarrassed at the thought that someone might walk in and see my lack of scrubbing skills and I get right to work.
But today I took a picture of the evening light at my kitchen sink, dirty dishes and all.
It seemed so familiar and friendly to me.
It felt like home.


beth said...

home equals dirty dishes and some things that need to be scrubbed....a PERFECT love !

but now I want to go on vacation for a few days :)

emma jo said...

Oh yes...I love the light and how you notice and how you love it. I even love the dirty dishes (it looks so intentional and glamorous in someone else's sink.)

Chelsea said...

Those are the prettiest dirty dishes I have ever seen!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

i love the light in this photo...this is a beautiful glimpse into a real world full of goodness...into the real world of home.
(and i love those bottles!)

Melissa said...

Oh how I cannot wait to not be living in a basement apartment!

Melissa said...
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