Saturday, August 29, 2009

rock wall


one rock at a time
placed carefully
in a row
to mark a boundary

not to keep One out
but to place a marker
where one thing ends
and another begins

This week has been one where I have been running constantly. Sometimes things get a little too complex and simplicity calls out to me. I want to jump to the simple side of the rock wall and sit down for a breather.

School starts on Monday.
Three children at the elementary school.

One more rock on the wall.



Mikael said...

I know will be sad the day Makenzie walks away to her little kindergarten class, but then part of me will also be relieved. Think, you have hours alone with just you and the babies, you are so lucky :) (or you can think of it as hours to clean and catch up until the others get home to mess it up!)

emma jo said...

So beautiful, I love these rock walls of New England. It is so unique to this part of the country and I love them.
On a total side note, I have some questions for you more northern New Englanders...would you mind e mailing me when you get a chance?