Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i thought it was monday today

birthday boy
but it's tuesday.
i think i missed a day in there somewhere.
anyway, I was just going to say that it was Jake's birthday. (on sunday)

and that he's so great.

and that I feel lucky.


momofbeegees said...

Happy "Late" Birthday Jake!!

A-Kap said...

As you should (feel lucky). He is one heckuva good good man. But then...you are one heckuva good good woman, so there couldn't be a better match.....

AnnieB said...

you are so cute! thanks for the encouragement, but most of those pics were by my friend brit. i need to read my manual still!! love you!
Happy birthday Jake!

Parker said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jake (a little bit late). I hope your birthday week is full of wishes come true and fun times.


Jane thank you for the sweet comment about my Daddy's birthday, it meant a lot to me.

Christina said...

i feel the love. : )