Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Birthday Boy

my son turned


He wanted me to bring in
cupcakes to share with his classmates
to celebrate his special day.


The babies were having a

Lots of crying was endured.
But the cupcakes were made
and frosted
and delivered.

(I was sweaty and stressed out)


Then half an hour later
the babies were in bed
(thank the heavens)
and his teacher (who i love) called me
and told me that

(new school rules about allergies and sugar issues)
(they will be sending out a notice
now that the mom with tiny twins
trekked a million
(that's what it felt like)
cupcakes to school for no good reason)

I now had the responsibility
of picking up
from the school

(a tall order with sleeping babies)
my awesome neighbor obliged.

By the end of the day
my boy felt loved.
(and full of lots of chocolate cake)
and I felt fulfilled
(and full of lots of chocolate cake)
and tired.

I sent some cupcakes to work with Jake.

(hopefully you girls are nice and full of chocolate over there?:)


In other news
we're on week

just because we


xianfern said...

My first thought, as I was reading this, was "wow, that's cool that his school allows baked goods for birthdays.." bummer.
Actually, my first thought, was how the heck did she make all those cupcakes AND take care of her babies!! You're a great momma!! Can't believe he's 8.. time sure does fly!

Emma Jo said...

I don't know, having 24 delectable and amazing looking chocolate on chocolate cupcakes being returned directly to your home? sounds like a good deal after all. What a good Mom you are.

Tanya and Colin said...

I think that you are SuperMOM! Only a woman with super powers can do all that and live to tell. The cupcakes look devine!

A-Kap said...

I was so excited his school allowed cupcakes and that his teacher called to tell you how great they were.... Not being able to pass out the cupcakes just isn't as nice a phone call. I'm tempted to jump in my car and get me one of those delectable treats...although I made a delectable plum crisp today...and nobody ate it (Jim is still at work and the kids just plain didn't eat it. Oh well.)

Jen -n- Jase & kids said...

You're such a great mom! Even if the kids didn't get to enjoy them. It's been probably 7 or 8 years since we've been at a school that allowed home baked goods brought into the class for ANYthing. Celebration parties, birthday stuff, class events...all items must be STORE BOUGHT. Nothing to do with sugar, food allergies, etc. All to do with the fact the stores have leagal food handeling laws to obey. (My husband and I follow them better in our own kitchen then some of the restaraunts we've been in since we both worked YEARS in restaraunts in Utah, where you are required to take and PASS a State Health Department Food class to ensure that ALL are on the same page with the same minimal training to ensure avoiding the spread of bacteria.)

CAN'T a Mom just pour some love into a homemade cake that tastes Heavenly for the kids to enjoy at SCHOOL. Then we don't have to have a full blown party at HOME, yet the friends get to enjoy. WHY has everyone ruined this stressfull...uh, Joyful sharing experience?? And WHY couldn't they have shared that big "No no" detail with you all at the start of the school year?

Did I tell you yet ...
You're such a great mom!

Lucky Candice said...

The cupcakes look PERFECT. I think I would have cried when the teacher called me, I'm a crier.


The Whole Self said...

oh my.

oh my.

just one of those days.

daisies said...

and those cupcakes look so absolutely yummy perfect .. xoxo