Friday, October 9, 2009

friday feet

punky brewster's got nothin on my girl.
punky brewster's got nothin on my girl. (she's wearing a bright pink tunic with sequins on top.)

bouncin high

ridin the polly 'cycle

downin the cream o' wheat

my feet are running fast. gonna teach a lotion making class tonight. I'll probably have some available in my shop by monday along with a bunch of origional artwork.

happy friday!!


Dash said...

Love the pictures!

Wendy said...

I was just staring at your babies' feet. They are stinking cute.

You should check out my blog. You're featured in it again. I hope you don't mind. :)

Hannah said...

Love the baby feet...I always loved my little babies feet doing the same so so cute!!!

Lucky Candice said...

I need more of that lotion!!! Save some for me!! I'll definitely buy some from you.

Love the feet.


Jennifer said...

See, you're the coolest Mom. You THINK to take photos of your kids FEET and make a blog about it.
Love it, just love it!! Thanks for making my friday (even though I'm a bit slow this weekend and didn't comment till I made a return visit they were such cute feet for a Saturday too. lol)