Sunday, October 11, 2009

a harvest kind of weekend {a picture story}














Anonymous said...

Aw Britt - you're so pretty! I love photos of you. Oh, and the fam too.


xianfern said...

So cute!! I have to meet these twins!! Seriously, every time I see pics, I can never tell them apart!! You guys are a beautiful family!!! xoxo

jenica said...

i'm pretty sure you're the happiest family i know, just look at his smile. ;-D
way cute.


kristen said...

so lovely.

Emma Jo said...

So. delicious.

Hannah said...

You look so beautiful!!! That farmers market looks so "New Hampshire"...oh how I miss it...and all of you!!! Happy Fall!!!

Dallas and Krista said...

That is the most magical place ever! Absolutely charming.

momofbeegees said...

That looks so fun! Fall is my most FAVORITE season!!

Anonymous said...

I love Fall!