Monday, November 23, 2009

the beeg weenah!


Sorry I’m late! I got a little busy and ran out of time.

But this morning after the big kids were on the bus and the babies were back in bed, I had the middle child pick a name out of a pottery bowl that my little mommy made.


She chose…







Lucky Candice!

She’s lucky yet again. I’m thinking of dubbing myself Lucky Brittany just because that will undoubtedly change my entire life.

Thanks for playing with me.

Just so you know, as I was cutting out your little names and placing them into the bowl my heart was happy looking at this collection of people that I love. Thanks for making my life feel full of good people which in turn brings joy.

I’m planning on doing a few more give-aways before Christmas, so stay tuned…



Anonymous said...

Wow, those bowls are great! Your mom is realy talented:)

bluepoppy said...

um, I have to tell you (why?<--have I no discretion? er, that's correct) but when I read "beeg weenah" I was totally expecting a penis.

and here I thought we both spoke the same Nh vernacular . ..

bisous, e

brittany said...

oh, I see what you mean. Hm, I should have thought of that...not my finest hour in the title department.


Anonymous said...

That's funny - beeg weenah. I am not a weiner!! But I am most certainly a winner. You should call yourself Lucky Brittany. You start to see life in a whole new way....

Love you