Friday, November 20, 2009

late bloomer (beautiful rebel)

late bloomer

When the rain stopped coming down and the sun poured through the window, I walked outside. Then I saw her. That little knockout. She decided to bloom in late November, the rebel. Thank the heavens.


I can't talk--I've been a little sickie and I literally can't use my voice. I never knew how much I love my voice! I love to sing. LOVE. I sing all the time! It's a little annoying to my family (they make fun of me) because when they say something, I always sing a song with lyrics that match. Do you play that game? It's fun.

I also didn't know how much I use my voice to comfort the babies. It's sad. I go in to get them out of thier cribs and give them a big smile and they start laughing and jumping in thier cribs, but when they hear my squeek/whisper they give this look like, What's the deal? Are you really my mommy? Say something. With thier little furrowed brow, it's killing me!

There's so much to communicate and it's exausting. Last night I was trying to whistle my replies. An affirmative response=swee sweeeeee(it goes higher at the end.) Negative response=swee swoooooooo (it goes down at the end.) Jake announces: If you're getting annoyed, it's because mommy is trying to communicate by whistling.

Okay, a little thankful list:
-desitin (this is for the baby's bottom, you see.)
-comfortable clothes that can also look cute.
-foundation (this is for my splotchy face, you see.)
-that I'm married to the love of my life.
-and he's taking me out on a date tonight, voice or no voice.

ps-the comments close for the giveaway tonight at midnight! good luck!

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mindy said...

absolutely gorgeous photos, and i love the accompanying sentiments :)