Thursday, November 19, 2009

tut, tut. looks like rain.


The other night while I was folding laundry, Jake was sitting on the couch with the oldest three surrounding him. They were still and quiet for once and the only peeps I heard were little fits of giggles. He had his secret weapon out: the iphone.

Have you ever seen anything like it? It is a serious tool.

Got loud children? There’s an app for that.

Then everyone starts wondering things out loud:

Is that a platypus?

What’s he doing?

He doesn’t have wings.

Then the wind came through carrying a cloud of “ooooooh”s and “that’s so cuuuuuute”s. A virtual storm of agreement that this was adorable.

“Play it again for mommy.”

So I squeeze into the fray (the screen isn’t that big, you know.) and they play it again for me. And as this little animated animal on the tiny screen feels joy, the lightning crashes and drops start to fall next to me in my own family room.


In other words, my daughter (10.5 years old) felt the joy right along with that little creature and she says, “Oh, he’s just so cuuuute! Oh, my eyes are getting wet…But it’s just so cuuuuute…I don’t know why my eyes are watering!” I tell her it’s because it made her cry and while everyone else is on to the next “best of youtube” she’s sitting there laughing and crying uncontrollably. Jake and I look at each other with that knowing look: and thus it begins. He says to the smaller children (who are now staring at thier big sister), "This is what happens when your big sister starts to become a young lady." And then she laughed and cried some more.

Here's the video if you want to watch it:

In other news, my awesome cousin Mikael started the coolest blog: Starter Home to Dream Home and I have been over there checking out all her creative projects going on in her home. And today she wrote a post about me and made me sound like a super hero. (If anyone saw me now, they’d know I’m just a sick little puppy in a messy house who has lost her voice.) You should go check out her cool projects.

My little friend Lucky Candice has posted our weekly pix at a Hop and a Skip. We’ve been doing TtV every other week. I’m going to be doing a tutorial on how to do TtV soon. It’s so much fun, you’ll want to try it out.

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Dallas and Krista said...

Love that little (or not so little anymore) A.N.S. Love that she was so touched by his joy. And love your title ypp. Tut, tut... Christopher Robin has never again been as wonderful as he was that day with Pooh the little black rain cloud. Such a sweet little classic.