Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I've been...

crazy busy around here. But here are some visuals for you of the past week in the life and times of Brittany Soucy.

even moms can b queens
Still loving the love notes from #3: Even moms can b queens.

(Sometimes he needs a little reminder.)

making some happy cookies. and eating them. and then deciding not to eat them because #3 asked: "Is part of getting big getting fat?" Translation: when I grow up do I have to get fat like you?


decorating a gingerbread house


feeling the winter chill

lots of kisses. and booger brain noses. we've been through like 4 boxes of Puffs Plus in the past week. yikes, that's a lot of boogers.


making stuff


(if #3 looks like she's overcompensating, it's because she is. This picture was taken right after a big fight between the girls ensued. Crying and hitting and yelling was part of said fight. I yelled "I'm taking the picture! One! Two! Three!" and this is what I got. For the record, the Puzzling was very fun and peaceful.)

(Sometimes he needs a little reminder.)

Hope you guys are doing well! Happy holidays!

Here's to peace on earth.


daisies said...

happy holidays beautiful you ... enjoy your family ... loved these snippets, xo

Amy said...

oooh! aaah! such a fun sequence for Christmas. and you are SO not fat! Eat those cookies, Mama! Happy, happy!

Steph said...

I love seeing these snippets of your life Brittany. :)

Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family! xo