Sunday, December 27, 2009

listing it

158.365 12.26.2009

How are you all doing? What are you up to?

157.365 12.25.2009

I've been going pom pom crazy. I'll take a picture of our favorite pom pom project so I can show you the happiness.

We are making lists of things to do during vacation.

Things like:

ice skating
getting crafty
making and erupting a volcano
eat homemade pizza and chicken salad sandwiches (a new favorite of the children)
watch a movie (maybe several)
make some more pom poms
find a great read-out-loud book
ride a new scooter on the driveway that is newly melted

picking bellybuttons

and pick our belly buttons.


Jessa said...

Include in that list... coming to the pool! :)

the wrath of khandrea said...

sounds like good times in the making!

hey, what lens do you use on your indoor shots? it doesn't look like you use a flash. do you?

brittany said...

I only have two lenses. Pretty simple compared to some. I either use my macro (conon macro EF-S 60 mm) or my basic one (EFS 18-55mm). I try not to use a flash, but most of the pictures inside or at night turn out blurry. I'll get it right some day!

Old School/New School Mom said...

My son has this funny habit of sticking his hand in my belly button and shouting "ow!" Because I automatically say it when he does it!

This is an adorable photo. I love the coordinated stripey outfits!