Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy zone

happy zone

We've had a happy week of it around these here snowy parts.

We usually have Chinese take out for New Years Eve. I don't know why, we just do.

checking out the cake

We did something fun this New Year's Eve which I think I will try to continue in the coming years. We are pretty wimpy about staying up until midnight and of course the children have never made it at all, so when my dad mentioned that midnight in London is 7:00 here, I jumped on it. This year we celebrated the coming of 2010 with the Brits. The kids had gathered all kinds of noise making devices and we counted down (in a rather bumbly fashion) and wished each other happy new year at 7pm in British accents. (my favorite: Happy New Yeah, Govnah!)

it doesn't matter
this was my fortune. perfect. could be my motto.

the night life
#1 likes the night life.

call take out
#2: "cooking is easy. good taste is hard. that's why you call take out." He didn't get it. I had to explain it to him. You know he's the only one of my kids who will cook for himself. He even has made me breakfast in bed!

because you love it
#3 does everything she loves and nothing she doesn't.

So then after a nice game of Jenga and Uno (when I was told to stop taking pictures)and a lot of noise making and yelling about the new year (which the babies slept through), we lit nine candles on the cake. The children decided that nine was the right number - they wanted to make a wish for the new year and blow out the old year.


And let me just insert here that this cake was horrible. It was heavy and dry. Not only that but I used a LOT of butter and egg yolks and spent too much time on it. It almost made us late for ice skating! So to bite into it was a sad disappointment.

(But it wasn't so bad yesterday morning when the kids and I ate it with milk for breakfast.)

So the whole house was sound asleep when the rest of the new englanders were ringing in 2010.

But at 1:45am I did get awakened to hold someones hair back as she vomited up all her Chinese food. Pobre cita. We were all laughing the next morning about how she spent her first moments of the new year.

And since I promised a picture of our favorite pom pom project, here you go:

pom pom scarf

our favorite pom pom project

I've loved looking at everyone's thoughts about the new year and the past year and your reviews and pictures. It's all wonderful!!





kristen said...

Happy New Year! Celebrating with the brits is a good tradition and I love nine candles/blowing out the new's really good. xo

vivienne said...

happy new year brittany!!!
i'm so glad i met you this year too! and i love this peek into your new family does the chinese take out thing too. I'm not sure why either, but it was the only time in the year i'd eat it, so it was kind of exciting!

wishing you all the best this year!

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Happy New Year Gov!

momofbeegees said...

I love reading your blog!! You are so makes me want to be creative too :} Happy New Year to the Soucy Family from the Guiles Family!!

Lucky Candice said...

Love that. Too funny and sooo much fun!

jenica said...

what awesome traditions being born here! we celebrated with the east coast at 10 so that we could get on with life a little earlier. ;-D


Donna said...

Happy New Year!
Though I haven't been by for a while, I wanted to wish my blog friends a Happy New Year!
Great idea about the 7:00 pm, I didn't stay up until midnight for I was totally exhausted and fell asleep by 11:00. Next year, I think we will celebrate at 7:00 pm (Maryland time).

I've been life busy and have not had the time to visit all of my blogs, a few have disappeared and I do miss them so....2010 will be the year to visit, maybe not every day or every week but I will stop by at least once a month to see what you are up to....I do enjoy your blog.

Take care,

Jamie said...

When I come out there can you show me how to make that cute pom pom scarf?
I'm so excited to start making girlie stuff!!
Counting down the days. Hope to be in Africa with my daughter in 30 days!
Love you!