Tuesday, December 29, 2009

34 b4 35

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It's about 6 weeks past my birthday, but I've never been one to do things on time. It's the New Year that spurred my goalishness.

I thought:

I'm going to turn 35!!
So just for fun I decided to do something I've seen around the web. I started out thinking I had all the room in the world and then around #10 I realized that half the page was taken up and I had 24 to go! So I squeezed them in:)
Here's the list if you can't read it.

1.run a race
2.practice yoga
3.climb a mountain
4.be creative every day
5.do some back flips on a trampoline
6.get a family picture taken
7.save more money
8.take the kids into Boston
9.plant a vegetable garden
10.volunteer at a soup kitchen/shelter
11.make an article of clothing
12.make granola
13.swim in the ocean
14.vamp up my barn
15.organize “safe keepings” for the kids
16.remember birthdays of family members (so sad!) I think I only missed one.
17.bring a piano in the house
18.50 paintings  <--not even close:(
19.represent in a gallery
20.throw a party
21.write a book    Now I need to finish it...
22.buy an instant-film camera
23.go to a concert
24.take a class
25.learn a new skill
26.children’s bedrooms
27.wander aimlessly
28.surprise Jake at least I tried
29.see an original Monet
30.get a bicycle
31.bake a really cool cake
32.learn to shoot in manual<---practicing, but I don't think I should cross it off...
33.get published
34.find some boots I love


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Yes! Sounds like a FANTASTIC year! Can't wait to see all 50 paintings!!!!!!

Meg said...

I turn 35 this year too! And this concept is a fabulous blog post idea!!

Jamie said...

I love these lists. I am working on mine for this year, as I will turn 31. I love your format too!

Dallas and Krista said...

These are awesome goals. I believe that you can really do this, and most of them quite easily, since you are you. However, for the tough ones such as #21 and #33 and am totally there for moral support ;) I found myself wishing that I could come visit you and just accomplish #12 for you... is that against the rules? Xoxo. Maybe I won't forget your 35th birthday like i did your 34th...

Steph said...

What a great list! It promises to be a fabulous year for you; I look forward to hearing about your journey. :)

vanessa said...

A Monet exhibit is touring right now, it was in SLC last year and I loved it. PS Get some boots from Sorel :)

Parker said...

Pretty Brittany,

I am so inspired by this post. I'm turning 35 this year too. I'm not super excited about it but I'm going to follow your example and make my list. I put it on my blog so I feel obligated to do it. I think your list idea will make this birthday more exciting. Thank you.
much love,