Monday, March 8, 2010

happy monday!

happy girl friday

I woke up very groggy and grumpy and Jake had to go into work early.
I have been having the craziest dreams!  I'm starting to dread going to sleep. 
(Now I know what my kids are complaining about!)

But after a half hour of the kids fighting and crying
and me walking around in a complete daze
something happened.

I looked up the weather online
and the sun started pouring in the windows.

Oh, heavenly day.  Just like yesterday.
I had dropped everything, made a picnic lunch
and took it out to the kids in a sunny patch.
After a pleasant lunch the kids ran away to play in the yard some more
and the babies were still asleep and I just layed down in the sunshine.

Then Jake came home from meetings and he came and layed down in the sunshine next to me,
still in his suit and tie.
And the kids kept running back over to check in with us in spurts.

Sometimes there's nothing a little sunshine won't help.

So this morning I thought about how
I want my kids to have a good day, not a bad mood one,
and I grabbed the irish drinking songs and turned up the volume.
You know, in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.
(What, I'm part Irish.  Didn't you know that?)
We all started singing and dancing.
And they missed the bus.

But I didn't care, we just kept dancing and
laughing about the lyrics,
"beer, beer, beer, tidly, beer, beer, beer."

Can't beat those Clancy Brothers.
Here's my personal favorite
if you feel so inclined to take a listen!

In other news, my brother and sister in law, Josh and Jamie are on thier way to Rwanda to adopt thier baby girl.  We are all so excited we can hardly stand it!  She's updating her blog about it regularly--go check it out and send them your best wishes.  (You've got to check out her nursery while you're there--that little honey is not going to know what to do with herself, coming from an orphanage and ending up in that paradise for little girls:)


mindy said...

Ok. I just posted my comment to this post on your last post. Is it time for bed yet??? Xoxo

the wrath of khandrea said...

babies no more. you are pushing toddlerhood with those angels. wow. that seemed to fly by. i swear you were just pregnant.

Emma Jo said...

What an exciting story for your family about the baby!
And I know just what you mean about the healing power of a blue sky and a little sunshine after so much winter.