Friday, March 5, 2010

grateful friday


This week has been crazy! 
I haven't been able to keep up. 

But there have been so many good things. 
I am so blessed.

Here are some of my favorite things things from this week.

I splurged and made cookies twice this week.

I love that table cloth.  Vintage. Yummy. I love chocolate chip cookies. Yummy.

(those oreos Nie keeps talking about.  CJane posted the recipe here.)

I splurged and bought myself flowers.  Lots of flowers.  They're all over the house:) (I'm suffering from spring fever.)

The light is changing.  It's lighter longer and the sun is getting higher.  These are my happy flowers in the lovely changing evening sunlight.

Two of my favorite books from reading time with the Wee Ones this week
George and Martha 
Holy Moly, this book makes me laugh out loud every time.

My teeny tiniest person of them all didn't cry during her bath for the first time in weeks.  Maybe months.  I'm counting that as a blessing, and I'm grateful!


She has also been walking here and there, but today she decided to really go for it.  She was just walking around on those tiny little legs.  Holding a teddy bear and walking.  Walking and stopping to pick up a toy and walking some more.  Walking to see the big kids.  Walking with her sister crawling behind her.  Walking, walking, walking.  And every time I spotted her walking I just about died from the cuteness.  That's a lot of near death experiences today!  Someone so teeny tiny just looks so CUTE walking! 

I have so many ideas lately.  So many things that I want to create.  I just don't have the time to carry it all out as fast as I would like.  But I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to create!  It brings me joy.

Jake made dinner tonight.  I was grateful.

And speaking of dinner, one of the favorite things I watched this week was Food, Inc.  (click on the link to watch the trailer.)
I keep thinking about it. If you haven't seen it, rent it on demand or do whatever it is you do. But watch it! Together we'll take a stand by purchasing the right kinds of food.



xianfern said...

There is nothing cuter than a little short person strolling around! It's such a suprising sight! And it opens up the entire wonderful world to them!! God bless you honey!! You are IN for it now! ;)

xianfern said...

oh, and the flowers!! love them! splurge away sister!! :)

Emma Jo said...

I love all the happiness in these things. Spring flowers, cute tablecloths, hubby's making dinner, cookies and walking babies are all lovely lovely lovely. I am glad that you like to create because you do it so well.
I'm with you on the food thing...the desire it sooo there I just gotta figure out a better way to do it.

Hannah said...

We love Ish. The same author wrote Dot which is also amazing. I'm so glad that there's so much happy spring is around the corner goodness going on at your house!!!

Dallas and Krista said...

WALKING!?!?! How is it that I talked to you in 15 minute increments all day and never knew this??? Toddeling is one of my all time favorite things- there is really nothing cuter. And those oreos...mmmmmm... those oreos.

loony said...

I love ISH, too! and the teeny tiny one and your creativity. :)

Steph said...

There's just a whole lot of goodness here. It makes me smile. :)


A-Kap said...

Oh dear...yet another recipe I've been dying to try and you share it on your blog! I've been looking all over for that oreo recipe...I already have one recipe (that is deeelish!), but I wanted to see what nie was talkin' about. Thanks! The pics of the cookies, babe, flowers and tablecloth are divine.
I have to add that Food, Inc. only shares part of the truth. My farmer hubby knows first hand that what they portray in that movie is WAY exaggerated and most of it is not even true. They sure make it easy to believe though!

Kara said...

What a happy post. Thanks for sharing!

Red Seaglass said...

I'm with you on the creative stuff. I have never had that happen in my life but for the last few months, I have had a huge influx of IDEAS!!! I really love it but it's frustrating for 2 reasons. 1. I don't have the time to do them all. 2. They mostly come to me as soon as my head hits the pillow. I just lay there with my brain firing on all pistons!! I need SLEEP but I don't want to stop them from coming!

mindy said...

'All for me grog' by Dan zanes is one of our favorites! Beer, tobacco, ladies drinkin' gin... You know, the good stuff :) happy almost spring to you mama! Xo