Tuesday, March 2, 2010

she feels like spring

she feels like spring

She can't stop twirling.
She painted her nails light orange.
She's not wearing tights.
Oh, March. We're hoping you feel warm and sunny.

(how I love my ninabina stash.)

I'm getting a present ready for a birthday girl.
Speaking of the birthday girl, my sister, Kara,  has been blogging her training for a half ironman.  She's awesome.  You should go say hello.


don't you love click-n-ship?  I love not going to the post office.

Now I'm going to show you something I'm missing.



That's a baby. 

Lookie here:


Looking at these pictures made me think of ET.  The movie.  We watched it one morning while eating breakfast.  Oh, Elliot.

But want to see something I miss even more?

Well here, I'll show you...



We live in a Zoo! said...

Well there is something you don't see everyday.
Well not in Utah you don't.
I hope you enjoy it while it lasts.
The warmth, the pool, the scenery...

Karynne said...

The iguanas are much prettier there than in Cancun. They were all brown and gray. :( Glad you guys had fun!!!

Spring Flowerchild said...

I love that first pic of your little girl! and the iguanas...that is really cool. We don't see those here in Atlanta and apparently we're not seeing Spring weather yet either. We got some freakish snow today. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

momofbeegees said...

Oh Brittanica...looks lovely there!! I am jealous!! Anything WARM would be nice. We are on our way to Mexico next week...I CAN'T wait!!

the wrath of khandrea said...

reality ain't all it's cracked up to be. and if your reality WERE supersaturated green grass, palm trees, blue skies and even deeper blue water, there would still be freakishly large, scary, spiky lizard thingys around to infringe upon it.

Kara said...

Do people think that there are iguanas and palm trees in New Hampshire? I must be reading wrong :) Thanks for the shout out, only, now I'm all embarrassed. It is nice knowing no one really reads my blog! ha ha

Jamie said...

No way!
Too funny :)