Thursday, March 18, 2010


jumping rope

She's doing many double-unders all in a row.  I'm impressed every time.

I love overhearing the kids on playdates when they don't think I'm listening.  Here are a few snippets of my 5 year old's recent playdate with pictures from the past few days interspersed...

happy st. patty's day
breakfast yesterday: green pancakes (I love peanut butter on mine), green syrup & kiwis for st. pattrick's day

Pretend that I snuck a cookie.

 Pretend that I hid while I was eating my cookie.

Pretend that you don’t see the cookie, because I already ate the cookie, even though I really didn’t.

Pretend that I’m a big girl.

coconut cupcakes

Pretend that I’m a singer. I’m not very good at playing the guitar, but pretend that I’m wicked good at it.

Pretend that I’m the mom.

scrambled eggs with cheese
lunch for the babies.  I'm always sneeking in a few paragraphs here and there.
give a baby a bite. read a few sentences and get interrupted by another baby yelling for a bite. give a bite to a baby. give a bite to the other baby. read a paragraph and get interrupted by a yelling baby.

Pretend that this is a computer.

Pretend that you're my sister.

Pretend that...oh, wait, wanna go upstairs and dress up?

(Trust me, there were a million more "pretend that's" but I just couldn't write them all down:)

Pretend that I haven't been so busy that I just can't seem to catch up or keep up.

At least I don't have to pretend that I'm happy or that I live a charmed life.

wired and beaded

It's my mamacita's birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Linda Sue!!  I hope this year is full of happiness and joy and progression for you.  I love you, woman!


the wrath of khandrea said...

awesome pictures, as always.

and happy bday to your mom. i may or may not be a teense too emotional, but i'm getting teary just thinking about her. i love you, linda! here's to many great years for all of the good ones you gave to me.

mindy said...

i love that her jumrope matches her outfit. i love that you said "wicked" i love pretending :) hugs to you (and your mamacita!). xoxo

Kara said...

Ellie has that same outfit from mini boden :) They must have the same style...or we do, I'm not sure! Can't wait to see you this next weekend. I keep thinking about how much time I'll have to sit and talk to you because neither of us have kids with us. No offense to the cousins when I'm spending more time with you than them...