Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Brittany,

We’d like some more cookies down here.


Your Body


Dear Body,

I still have more cookie dough left in the fridge from the other day when I took the kids out of school early. We had an appointment around the table eating chocolate chip cookies. And on the way home when I wouldn’t tell them what the appointment was, someone said, “we’re getting shots!?” and I looked in the rear view mirror and all three of them were crying in the back seat.

Then yesterday when I went to the office I realized I had been found out. The principal and 2nd grade teacher laughed about it and announced that I can do that again as long as they are invited.

Yes, Body. Cookies will be baked. And I say we eat them outside in the sunshine. Heaven knows we need the sunshine after living through the wettest month on record.



PS: Oh, and Body? Can you please crave pilates again tomorrow? That works out better in the long run than cookies. Thanks.

The only kid who wasn't mad at me for getting him out of school early for a cookie appointment:
"He's a little angel, straight from Heaven!"


Kathleen said...

i love that your took them out of school early just for this!
as a teacher, this makes my heart burst.

you're such a good mama.

mindy said...

Having been lucky enought to have partaken in this fine example of cookie love, I might have to play hooky and pop over the next time you whip up a batch :) mmm... I promise I won't cry.

Jessa said...

you are a wonderful mother. thank you for all your inspiration. xo

brittany said...

ha:) that's funny: not the reaction that I expected. That makes twice...
cookie appointment=bad
pull kids out of school=good mom

I wonder what other things I'm way off about?

jenica said...

i LOVE this.