Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When you're a kid

...you can look at a bunch of  pom poms and they become
Fuzzies: a race underlooked and long forgotten!

Fuzzies: a race long forgotten

Fuzzies can provide hours of entertainment once you decide that it is your duty to build them Fuzzy house

Fuzzy house

complete with landscaping:

Fuzzy landscaping

and a Fuzzy hammock

Fuzzy hammock

and a Fuzzy pully-system that brings the Fuzzies from the grass way up to thier hammock in the sky.

Fuzzy pulley system
photo taken by my 8 year old son

Fuzzy basket
(please notice the hand made basket that carries the Fuzzy in style)
(please ignore my poor overworked thumb)

You also need to make Fuzzy shrines

Fuzzy shrine

Fuzzy shrine close up

and Fuzzy nests

Fuzzy nest

and find places for Fuzzies to hide in times of need.

hiding place when you're a Fuzzy

When you're a parent checking out Fuzzywood Forest, you get told to look out for Fuzzies relaxing...

Fuzzy relaxing

Woah.  I could have done some serious damage with these giant feet!


At least I noticed the humans relaxing.

Human relaxing



Mikael@starter home to dream home said...

this makes me want a yard. That is definantly a requirement for my next home :)

Steph said...

I love the fuzzies! This is so much fun it makes me want to build a fuzzy house too! :)