Friday, April 23, 2010

grateful friday

this color makes me happy

This Quince makes me happy every time I see it.  In fact, everything that is blooming is making me happy all day long.


My little rhodies are such a happy purple--so pretty with all the yellow that spring brings. 

grape hyachinth

The little grape hyacinths keep popping up everywhere.  They're like a special treat.
plum tree

My plum tree (non producing, mind you) has been letting off little fluttering petals all week that fall gracefully to the grass (that is finally green).


I can't even remember what this little shade loving beauty is, but I love the speckled varigation.  That just makes me happy!


This is a little secret bloomer.  My Pierris shrub in the back.  So dainty.


The forsythia is what wakes everyone up and lets us come out of our hybernation.  Oh, the forsythia is blooming.  Spring has arrived.

I really need to plant more tulips.  I have lost so many and now there are just a few here and there, but tulips are so sweet.  I love them best in the morning when they are all closed up again and waiting for the sun.

spring garden



The violets in the garden drive me nuts because I can't hold them back, but I love it when they blossom in the grass.  Something about walking on grass that blesses me with happy flowers to enjoy makes me happy. 

I found all these on my computer and realized that everything blooming is making me happy.  There is so much happening and I feel like I can hardly think straight.  But everywhere I look things are blooming and telling me to let it all go.  Slow down. 

Okay, I've got to run as fast as I can and do stuff while the babies are still sleeping! 
Take a deep


Emma Jo said...

I just want to come and lie in the peace of your backyard. It looks quiet and beautiful and content.

Anonymous said...

do breath deep and enjoy the blossoming that is taking place around and within you!

xo and smiles~ jill from n.h.

Caryn Lynn said...

Hi, I just read the article in about SAW and thought I would look you up to say "hi". I'll be attending the fall 2010 session. It will be my first time and I am so excited about it. Your photos are just beautiful.

Maegan Beishline said...

All of our Spring buds and blossoms are making me very happy as well! Beautiful pictures!