Monday, June 28, 2010

15 things I did last week


1. Found that I love Ender as much at 35 as I did when he was a kid.

2. Ate a lot of chocolate.

3. Went to a movie. In the theater. It was a kid movie, and a matinee, but it was a movie. In the theater.

4. Made ice cream.

5. Took a walk with someone on a scooter scooting next to me.

6. Played on the beach.

7. Became an auntie for the second in one week. Hello, little Hazel and Norah. I love you already.

8. Stood outside under the full moon. Well, it was the day before the actual full moon, but it felt like the full moon. And it was so beautiful.

9. Learned some Spanish with my Spanish tutor app.

10. Planned to read on the hammock. Actually wrote it down on the chalk board, but I had to read while stirring dinner in the pot and following babies around the back yard because they wouldn’t lie on the hammock.

11. Cleaned my mudroom closet. Wow.

12. Tried to sleep with knots in my hair so it would be cute and curly when I awakened fresh and ethereal in the morning. Pulled it out in the middle of the night after much tossing and turning resulting in half curls, half frizz and not so fresh and not at all ethereal.

13. Ooogled over So You Think You Can Dance.

14. Gave lots of baths and enforced showers. All that sand and sweat!

15. Sweated. That cursed sweat gene.
Hello summer. I’m trying to enjoy you. I’m a little overwhelmed still, but you’re wonderful. I have just one request: could you ease up on the humidity? It’s just that I have this weird sweat gene…


Dallas and Krista said...

I am dying laughing. The CURSED Reeve sweat gene. Why? WHY? I stand arouns sweating inside my house just because I can feel the 112 degree weather seeping in through my windows and I am always holding this very warm, very precious Norah June Bug. What a fabulous week. So glad you shared.

Mama Coons said...

Lyndsey, Matt's wife, and Kelly, Jim Lee's wife, just read Enders, not knowing that the other was... I think because these guys loved the book so much! Is is in the summer air?

A-Kap said...

I'm sweating buckets as I sit and nurse and read your blog. Nice. What a HUMID summer this has been!!!! I'm way too hot all the time. And my babies are sweating more than babies should.... I just finished the chocolate I "won" at the shower. mmm-MM that was good stuff. I want more. Have a GREAT week this week!! I'll sure miss my friends in the coming weeks!!