Saturday, June 19, 2010

beach love


Thursday was the last day of school.  My daughter's 5th grade teacher loves the beach.  I said, "I heard your teacher loves the beach.  What does she love about it?  The sun?  The sand?  Reading?"  She said, "She likes to go there and listen to the waves and the wind.  She likes the feel of the sand on her feet.  She likes how when the sun is setting over the ocean, it all blends together and you can't tell where the ocean ends and the sky begins."  I said, "Did you learn about that during your poetry section?"  "Yes." 

Isn't that so cool that her teacher planted that image so clearly that she could recall it to me like that?  I love poetry.  I love teachers.  I painted this little tiny painting for her. 

I send my children away from me during the school year, five days a week, and it is a comforting knowing that they are spending time with good people who care about them.

Yesterday was our first beach day of the summer.

One baby ran straight out to where her brother and sisters were playing.  The tide was waaaaay out and the waves were small and lapping and the sand was hard and wet and rippled.  She chased seagulls and loved every second. 

The other baby clung to me.  Every time I put her feet in the sand she was unsure would look up at me, her hat framing her adorable face.  I would pick her up and she would look around with her worried eyes and her pointer finger in her mouth, biting her little tiny nail, holding me tight. 

We came home sandy and hot and happy and tired.

Hello, summer.  I'm glad you're here.

ps--my sister Krista had her baby!  She's a tiny little adorable girl.  They haven't settled on a name yet, but she'll have the perfect one for her soon enough.  Congratulations, Krista and Dallas!  I'm so happy to have a new niece!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Brittany,
I just had a moment to catch up on all the blogs, clear from before, she who cannot be named, secretly took off down the street. :) She's just a little ahead of her time.... you get it?
Honey, thank you so much for giving your very own mother such a bird's eye view of your life. I love seeing and "hearing" about all I miss. I love "watching" them grow and change - most of the time my heart is in my throat. (This by someone who cried in two places [as in sobbing at one point] while watching Toy Story 3 with Krew and Cash.) Like so many others, I love, value, respect, admire, relish who you are!!! I believe IN you and I believe YOU when you counsel yourself to be patient - there are new seasons ahead. I even think to myself, "You can DO this, Linda!" because you are part of me and SOMEHOW! you do it. Most of all, I LOVE you. I just read some of the comments of your siblings in the comments area and came away so grateful.... you all have the sweetest ways of expressing your love for one another.
Take care of your beautiful heart and Spirit. YerMom

Kara said...

Wow, what do I say after mom's comment...I love the beach too - duhh :) ha ha

brittany said...


Renee said...

My friend, I love how you share your talent and do not hide it under a tree! much love, renee