Saturday, July 3, 2010


britt n amy nursing pillow

(Really, it's not what it looks like!  I'm just showing a fellow twin mom how to position her babies on a nursing pillow - honestly, my hands are like a foot away from her actual baby feeding receptacles.)

britt n zac

a running joke with my girlfriends and I;)

and an old favorite:



calibosmom said...

I love these pictures and I mostly love that you can laugh at yourself and have fun with it. By the way, did you get some "dessert" when you got home?

A-Kap said... that first one incriminating against me or you?? ;-) I wish I had listened more closely to you during your "demonstration" because I don't think I'm positioning the babies very well -- although I'm feeding them both at once more often than not. It's just not very comfortable. I think I just got thrush too. Fun stuff. Ohhhhh does it HURT.