Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Fellow Visiting Teachers,

VT quote-sept 2010
Feel free to use this for your own visiting teaching pleasure

I know. I used to get these out at the beginning of the month. But I have to congratulate myself for getting them done at all. I hope “better late than never” is good enough for now.

This month the message is about nurturing children and youth. I feel like I have examples all around me. I am constantly amazed by my friends and family and their different ways of nurturing whether it is their children, their nieces and nephews, or the youth they teach at church or school. You inspire me. Thank you for teaching me that we all have different strengths in this area and not one of them should be taken for granted. I am constantly asking for guidance in my quest to figure out this thing called motherhood and I always come up full.

This weekend we have the opportunity to watch/see/hear General Conference. I look forward to what I will learn. Our assignment for Visiting Teaching next month is to come up with our own message depending on how the spirit guides us during Conference. (That is always SO hard to choose!!)

Have a great month!


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