Wednesday, September 22, 2010


deep end road
Deep End Road, taken with iphone, hipstamatic app (lettin' you know now, because so many people have been emailing me to see how I get these rad effects;)

I have been starving ever since I left Squam Lake and my personal army of chefs. Right now my stomach is yelling at me “Go to the buffet!” it says. It’s hard explaining logistics to such a demanding organ.


Dear Tummy,

I know. It was so, SOOO good, but there isn’t food that has already been prepared here. I actually have to think of what to make and then prepare it. (And then clean it up too! The horror!) I know you are insatiable and spoiled now, but there are no pastries sitting on a table. There are no eggs and sausage piled high, no eggs Benedict sitting neatly in rows. I have to go grocery shopping and actually BUY the melon and chop it up now. I know you’re hungry. I’m missing all the fish and the wraps and the salad bars. Don’t get me started on the desserts; remember those macaroons and that fresh hot waffle with peanut butter and ice cream on it? Wow.

Oh, sorry. I’m making things worse.

I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry that I’ve been ignoring you. But it is better this way in the long run. If we kept it up that way I’d have to get one of those motorized chairs to roll me around where ever I need to go.  And that just would spoil things, wouldn't it?




I don’t want to report.

from the cabin window
6:30am, the first morning, out my cabin window, taken with iphone

I don’t want to tell you that all my teachers rocked the Kasbah. I don’t want to tell you how the dock was right outside my cabin and how I watched the sunrise and sunset over the water each day, or tell you how much I loved my cabin mates. I don’t want to talk about swimming in the lake or walking along wooded paths talking heart to heart with kindreds.

Beatrice Peltre
Beatrice Peltre, food stylist and photographer, taught Sweet and Savory Tartletts.  Yum.

gus painting
Gus Harper during Diving In.  (taken with iphone, hipstamatic app)He was having us do a painting an hour!  Crackin' the whip, I tell you.  Go check out this time lapse youtube video of him painting, so so cool.

Flora Bowley taught Bloom True.  taken with iphone

These canvases are the largest ones I've ever purchased or painted on.  It was FUN!  It was only a three hour class, so we painted fast and furious.

Flora's class
taken with iphone

I don't want to report because it makes me Squam-sick.

squam sunrise
sunrise on my dock, taken with iphone, hipstamatic app

There was nothing negative. There was no stress.

Just paint and good company and nature. Can it get any better?


the wrath of khandrea said...

britt, i always love your squam high. it gives me a peek into a world totally foreign to me, and i find your passion for it all so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

love the photo's and words. boy do i miss too!!
xo and smiles~ jill

melissa p said...

I love this...I miss that food too! It was so great to get to spend more time with you this year. I just wish it was more than once a year! xoxo

Meghan said...

So agree on all fronts!

Nicola said...

Hi Brittany - We didn't meet at Squam (this year) but I really miss the food too! Especially the home fries. We don't have the right potatoes here in the UK to make them.....and I probably wouldn't bother anyway.

Fabulous photos. xx

beth said...

So awesome to share a cabin with you (and share those delicious tartlettes!) In fact everything about it was delicious.

hillary Sloss said...

lovin your hipstamatic shots!

Emma Jo said...

Dreamy dreamy dreamy.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my hipstamatic app. I didn't know you used it too! Too funny. Your post about middle school is scaring me! Emily goes next year and is really anxious about it already. Call me sometime!