Sunday, September 12, 2010

morning thoughts


I think I dreamt about poop all night last night. Poop. What does that mean?

My mom has been here all week and we’ve been having fun.

backyard toasting

Routine is slow in coming but I get to go to the woods this week with a bunch of artists and do my thang, so the routine can just wait a week longer. I'm excited for my time in the woods.

The air has changed. It turned all crisp and my body is relieved. Thank you, Autumn. I love you.

The light is changing. It is filling me up with inspiration and the need to create.

changing light

My Beloved made a campfire in the back yard so we could roast marshmallows. But not before he made the most mouthwatering scrumptious dinner.

first toasted marshmallow

Yep, I’m one lucky girl.

(Except for the poop part.)



Maria said...

Hmmmm... Do you need to let go of something in your life that may be wasteful?? Or could there have been someone in your bed last night who may have umm... flatulated? (Is that even a word?)

Oh, and I LOVE bonfires! We are having a big one this weekend! I need to get more chocolate!!!

Emma Jo said...

Yummy dinners, yummy marshmellows and delicious pj's...I love adorable pj's and adorable kids wearing them!

Emma Jo said...

I meant to say marshmAllows. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

cute, yummy,cute, cute...except for the poop part : )
see you tomorrow!!
xo and smiles~ jill

mindy said...

that last photo is just so precious. too cute! yes! let's create sometime soon together...xo

Abby said...

Funny you should dream about that--I spent Thursday harvesting poop from two kids...I'm too embarrassed to explain. I'd take the dreams any day though!