Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!


We went to my nephew's first birthday party yesterday morning.  Check out what we were served...


green eggs, pumpkin pancakes, yum...

ghost toast

ghost toast

(These were sausages wrapped in phyllo.  Who knew the hit of the party could be the undead?)
mummies in a blanket

and hashed brains.  (you should have seen our drink!  wowza.  disgusting AND delicious.)

hashed brains

It was so much fun!  Happy birthday, little guy.  We love you!

halloween fairy

Later, the Halloween Fairy stopped by to say hello.  I think some little girl must have attacked her face with face paint, but she seems fine with it.


Watch out, little fairy!  Here's a scary mean guy!  He's ready to attack!


Here we have two little garden gnomes who were watched over by a beautiful ocean.  (that doesn't make any sense, I know, but that's how it all went down.)


I was going to put a coral reef and all kinds of ocean-life on this dress, but a woman can only do so much.  She's a hard client to work for.  She had a dress (which was much more complicated) all designed and sketched for me.  It included the ocean on the bottom and trees and birds and sky on the top along with a really cool sun brooch made from toile that would rest on her shoulder and instructions to make it in a similar fasion that I made my curtains.  Alas, this is what I gave her.

the ocean

Oh, no!  Here comes that mean scary guy again!


Okay, I think the gnomes took care of things.

Happy Trick or Treating!!

trick or treat


jill nalette said...

happy halloween, brittney and family! looks like everyone had lots of fun!!

hugs and smiles~ jill

Emma Jo said...

Darling so darling. I would sooo come trick or treating at your house.

A-Kap said...

Oh my freaking goodness....I might just have to borrow those gnome outfits next year. Wow they are CUTE!! The girls are starting to look more alike! I love all the costumes and that I can't imagine having that much time to do all that....! But what FUN!

Dallas and Krista said...

The gnomes. Oh my, the gnomes. I love that you guys are always creative cool homemade stuff. My kids are so lame that way. They just want to be super heros from the store so badly that I end up giving in and letting them do it. I hope someday they let me get creative!